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All Out Ultra Combi

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Bring home the All Out Ultra at the cheapest price.

Nobody likes bitten by mosquitoes causing red and itchy skin. You never know what mosquito was carrying in its mouth which secretly cuts through the skin. So here comes All Out Ultra with three protection mode Fast, Smart and Turbo to fight all kind of mosquito population.

Especially kids are very prone to get bitten by mosquitoes leaving a very harmful effect on the health of an infant. All out mosquito repellent not only keeps the mosquitoes away but also helps in a healthy living.

Fast mode can be turned on between 6 tp 8 pm when mosquito exposure is high. The fast mode works on high release for the first two hours and then comes back to normal mode.

This All Out mosquito repellent on smart mode swings between high and normal mode automatically and is best suited for overnight usage.

Turbo mode keeps the electronic repellent always on high release and can be used when the population of mosquitoes is high.

So turn on the All out ultra and sleep peacefully away from diseases.

Bring home the All Out mosquito repellent at the lowest price from online and stay safe.