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Amul Butter 100g

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The Shop 49 is offering Amul Butter100 gm at the cheapest price.

Amul is commonly known as the taste of India since 1950. The first thing that comes to mind with the name Amul is mouth-watering butter.

Amul butter comprises of 80% milk fat, 16 % moisture mix,3 % salt and 1 % curd. With luscious taste, it has got nutritious values too.

Out of all the Amul products Amul butter is heard since our childhood and is loved by everyone. It is not only savored by adults but enjoyed by children also. 

Amul products have grabbed the markets of UAE, USA, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Etc.

Amul Butter has diversified usage ranging from the spread on bread, roti, naan etc to toppings on Dal, Salad, Pav Bhaji etc. Sometimes it is used as a cooking medium also like in Pav Bhaji, the bhaji is preferred to be cooked in Amul butter only. 

It also increases the taste and aroma in Dal Makhni. 

It is used in ingredients in cakes, biscuits and is also used as a cooking medium for thousands of delicious recipes.

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