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Amul Ghee 500ml

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The brand Amul goes hand in hand with quality and taste. And now you have got Amul Ghee 500 ML at your disposal to be used for healthy body and delicious preparations.

Although we live with a myth that clarified butter makes us bulky but the truth is that smart fat is required for our body to operate properly.

1 spoon of ghee daily not only keeps us robust and fit but additionally offers energy and vitality to our body.

Ghee nourishes the skin giving it a much better complexion, stimulates muscle movements and strengthens the sense organ.

Amul Ghee has a typical rich aroma and granular texture because it is created from the rich and fresh cream. It is a rich supply of vitamin A, D, E, and K.

Its rich aroma and taste are going to make your dishes a lot more tempting. It can be used as a spread on paratha or roti or is often used for cooking, garnishing and making sweets.
Amul Pure Ghee is available in the market in several choices starting from 200 ml pouch to 15 kg tin to fit your need.

It comes in pouch packing, tin packing, refill packing, jar packing and bulk packing.