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Bambino Macaroni 200g

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From years Bambino has been in the Indian market and has been synonymous to vermicelli.

It has proved itself in terms of quality and nutrition. Bambino has numerous products to grab in. One of which is Macaroni, which is made from wheat semolina (Suji/rava). It has to be boiled and then there are several ways to saute it. May be with onion and tomato or with ginger or can be enjoyed with cottage cheese. It can be more nutritious and healthy with vegetables like cabbage, carrot , etc.

Bambino Macaroni is high in protein and fiber. It has many other nutrients like calcium, iron, etc. It is not only healthy and nutritious but is cooked easily in no time and is delicious after being cooked.

Keeping in mind the changing lifestyle and behaviour, Bambino has built up a strong R & D team, which is always focused on nutrition with great taste and convenience.

Bambino Macaroni can be cooked in breakfast or in the evening. It is loved by children and enjoyed by elders.

Its pan-India presence ensures, it is always within reach of customers.