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How to get glowing skin with kitchen ingredients

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Glowing skin...every one of us longs for...

If you are one of them you are at the right place and at the right time(it's never too late)

You don't have to spend a lot to get glowing skin. Kitchen has the answers for all your problems. Kitchen ingredients are the best source to beautify you naturally and give you healthy and glowing skin. You just have to inculcate small steps in your schedule to get clearer, fairer and vibrant skin

I have tested all the tips and have got visibly fairer and glowing skin in a months time with these kitchen ingredients.

So let us start.

Below are the things needed-

  • Half cup of green whole moong
  • Half cup of Masoor lentils (Pink Dal)
  • Half cup of raw rice
  • Half cup of sugar

Grind the above things nicely in powdered form. Add a cup of besan(gram flour) to the mixture and mix it well and keep it in an airtight container. Now the miracle powder is ready to give you glowing skin.

Can be used as a scrub or as a face pack. 

As a scrub, one teaspoon powder can be mixed with a small amount of curd or raw milk and can be applied on the face and neck in the circular motion for a minute and then can be washed with normal water. The scrubbing itself twice or thrice in a week will give you glowing skin.

As a face pack, the same powder has to be mixed with curd or raw milk or honey and rose water or cucumber juice.

Mix it well and apply it on your face and neck while taking bath. Even keeping it for 5 minutes on the face daily, works wonders to the skin making it fairer, clearer and glowing.

How does the mixture work-

  • Green moong exfoliates the skin and vitamin A and C present in it gives a naturally glowing skin
  • Masoor dal brightens the complexion and tightens the pores
  • Raw rice powder has para amino benzoic acid which acts as a very good sunscreen and is helpful in lightening and reducing tan
  • Sugar is a natural exfoliant and is rich in omega 3 acids which will give you a glowing skin
  • Besan or gram flour is a natural cleanser which cleanses the skin deeply

So the above miracle powder is the answer to almost all the problems you have with your skin. These ingredients of the kitchen will simply give you flawless skin. 

These kitchen ingredients also have anti-aging properties. Its regular use will tighten your skin, moisturize it and also make it visibly lighter. It also reduces the tan and gives you glowing skin.

So what are you waiting for? This small regime will work wonders for your skin. So be ready to look 10 years younger...







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