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Monthly Products

Monthly products consist of all the products together in a group which is required by most of the households in a month.

There can be wide range of products that falls into this category starting from Flours, Lentils, Rice, Edible Oils, Spices, etc

We The Shop 49 is offering you myriad products in different brands to choose from. You can buy it online sitting at your home without any trouble.

You can compare the same and go for, which suits you the best.


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Bambino Macaroni 200g

₹ 20.00 ₹ 19.00

Amul Ghee 1 Litre

₹ 505.00 ₹ 477.34

Rajdhani Rajma Srinagar, 500g

₹ 52.00 ₹ 47.00