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Naphthalene Balls

Naphthalene balls are small chemical balls which are used for storing clothes which are susceptible to damage especially from moths or other insects. It is needed especially when we are keeping the clothes for a longer period.

So if you are worried when you are storing your costly clothes, just relax and order the naphthalene balls from The Shop 49 online at the lowest price and leave the worries of shopping grocery on The Shop 49.

Order Naphthalene balls from online along with other groceries and have it delivered to your address.



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Trishul Naphthalene Balls 200 g

Trishul Naphthalene Balls 200 g
₹ 68.00 ₹ 65.00

Trishul Napthhalene Balls 100g

Trishul Napthhalene Balls 100g
₹ 35.00 ₹ 34.00