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Pulses are nothing but edible seeds of plants of the legume family. Pulses come in different size, shapes, and colours. To name a few chickpeas, pigeon peas, etc. We call it dal and is prepared in almost each family. Ranging from Arhar Dal, Masoor Dal, Moong Dal, etc

Not only they are a rich source of protein, iron and other nutrients but they are also tempting when we saute it with onion, tomatoes and garnished with green coriander leaves.

We at The Shop 49 try to offer you the best quality pulses and also many choices to choose from according to your need and taste.

You can buy the pulses online at the lowest price.


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Rajdhani Arhar Dal 1 kg

₹ 108.00 ₹ 90.00

Tata Sampann Rahar, 1Kg

₹ 115.00 ₹ 99.00

Rajdhani Moong Chilka 1Kg

₹ 108.00 ₹ 96.00

Rajdhani Chana Kabuli $ 1Kg

Rajdhani Chana Kabuli $ 1Kg
₹ 143.00 ₹ 135.00

Urad Sabut 500g

Urad Sabut 500g
₹ 85.00 ₹ 82.45

Rajdhani Rajma Srinagar, 500g

₹ 52.00 ₹ 47.00