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Rajdhani Chana Kabuli $$$ 500g

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Bring home the goodness of Rajdhani Chana Kabuli 500 gm online at the lowest price.

Rajdhani brand gives you the best of nature in your hand. since last five decades, Rajdhani has been a pioneer in Agro products. it takes utmost care in delivering the taste that consumers will relish. 

The tempting taste of Rajdhani Chana Kabuli will leave you speechless. Not only in taste and aroma but is has high nutritional value too.

Rajdhani Chana Kabuli is rich in both types of fiber- soluble and insoluble, thereby lowers cholesterol levels.

It has high amounts of folate and magnesium, which decreases the risk of blood vessels blockage. It is rich in protein and other nutrients adding up to a healthy body.

Rajdhani chana Kabuli is savored and loved by adults and children too. It can be consumed as curry or can be boiled and added to chat or any other dish to increase its taste and nutrition.

Rajdhani brand can be relied upon for its quality and rich taste that will surely tickle our taste buds.




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