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Rajdhani Dalia, 500g

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Buy Rajdhani Dalia 500 gm online at lowest price. Rajdhani is a well-known brand in India and goes hand in hand with quality

Rajdhani is a well-known brand in India and goes hand in hand with quality. It has a variety of products that are savored by many and are at the same time nutritious too.

Rajdhani Dalia is one of those which is consumed by many. Rich in fiber and protein it serves as an ideal breakfast. It provides all the essential nutrients that are needed by our body to stay healthy and energetic.

The sourcing is done directly from Madhya Pradesh which is very well known for its loamy soil in Deccan Plateau yielding best quality wheat grains. It is husked and crushed down to the perfect size. It is packed very hygienically to retain all the goodness and nutrition which is promised.

The high fiber content in Rajdhani Dalia makes it a perfect diet for them, who has digestive problems.

Rajdhani Dalia is rich in proteins and low in calorie and so can be consumed in the evening also as a snack.

It is pre-roasted in ovens while retaining its goodness, nutrients, and freshness.

It can be cooked as "khichdi" or can be cooked with vegetables which make it highly nutritious.

Rajdhani Dalia can be relished as a sweet preparation with milk and dry fruits.

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