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Rajdhani Masoor Malka Dal, 500g

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Buy Rajdhani Masoor Malka Dal 500 online at the lowest price.

Being synonymous with quality Rajdhani brand takes extra care at each step to deliver its consumers the best of nature, full of nutrients to live a healthy and balanced life.

It has got a variety of products in its name. Rajdhani Masoor Malka Dal is one of them.

Masoor lentils are highly nutritious. They are highly rich in soluble fiber, which helps in removing bile from the body by forming a gel-like substance. It is very helpful in constipation and diabetics.

Rajdhani Masoor Malka is very rich in protein which aids growth and development. It is also rich in antioxidants and vitamin E thus preventing from many diseases and slows down early aging.

Not only this lentil is highly nutritious but it acts as a wonderful face pack as well which is very good for skin. You can grind it and keep it as a powder in an air tight box. Whenever required it can be used as a scrub with raw milk or curd or rose water.

It can be mixed with other ingredients like honey, sugar, etc and used as a face mask which gives a glowing, fairer and flawless skin.

Rajdhani's efforts for packing the lentils hygienically to retain its freshness, nutrition, and goodness is also appreciated.


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