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Rajdhani Poha, 500g

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Bring home the goodness of Rajdhani Poha 500gm online at the lowest price.

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Rice flakes, flattened rice, chivda or poha is a very popular snack in India. It can be consumed in many ways. It is consumed in breakfast by frying them with green chili, hing, onion and other vegetables and masalas to make it a spicy treat or can be eaten with curd as a sweet dessert.

Often poha is served with green vegetables or potatoes or peanuts making it a meal in itself. Lemon juice is also sprinkled, adding taste and health benefit of vitamin c in it.

It can be eaten soft or crunchy. It can be stored for a two to three months if kept properly. Rajdhani poha is basically parboiled rice which is made flat and thin by applying pressure on it.

It is very easily digestible and can be eaten with jaggery also. 

Rajdhani Poha is rich in iron and can be beneficial for anemic people. It is free from lactose and fat and is rich source of eleven vital minerals and vitamins.s

It is gluten free and hence is good for those who are allergic to wheat products.




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