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Rajdhani Rajma Chitra, 500g

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Bring home the goodness of Rajdhani Rajma Chitra 500 gm online at the lowest price.

Rajdhani group has always worked towards delivering best in best possible way. It has got a variety of quality products all across India. 

Rajdhani Rajma Chitra is one of those products which is loaded with so many benefits.

It is also known as kidney beans as it has the shape of a kidney.

It is rich in manganese which protects your cells from oxidative stress and reduces the risk of cancer. Vitamin K present in it is very beneficial for the brain. Rajdhani Chitra Rajma not only lowers the blood sugar level but also lowers the cholesterol level.

As it is a rich source of iron and protein, is beneficial for growth and concentration. As it antioxidants, it protects the skin and body from harmful effects of unhealthy food.

It is widely used in Indian households and relished by everyone including children. It is boiled and then fried with masala for mouth watering Rajma which can be savored with rotis or rice. It is also used in chats by mashing it or many other tempting recipes are prepared which not only adds nutrition but also increases the richness of that particular cuisine. 

Dal Makhani is one such example loved and savored in India by everyone, where Rajma increases its richness. 

Rajdhani also exports its products to several countries across the globe.




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