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Rajdhani Sooji, 500 gm

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Rajdhani takes special efforts in sourcing golden wheat kernels which are processed to give you best quality sooji. It is also called semolina or rava. The wheat is then grounded to give a granular form which is highly nutritive in value.

Rajdhani Sooji is rich in fiber and protein. It is also rich in many minerals and vitamins.

As it is rich in iron it is good for all age groups. Pregnant women can relish its mouth watering dishes to fulfill her iron needs.

Rajdhani sooji helps children to increase their concentration span and also helps them in growth and overall development. It also acts as a prevention to anemia.

Rajdhani sooji also promotes immunity and helps in increasing bone density. Apart from rava's or semolina's nutrient value there are many mouth watering dishes that can be prepared from Rajdhani sooji.

You can prepare halwa by frying it in ghee. This drooling dish is loved by all and can be made more nutritious by adding nuts into it.

South Indian dishes upma, rava dosa, Rava uttappam and many other healthy and luscious dishes can be prepared with Rajdhani Sooji. Not only they taste good but are also prepared in less time.

You can buy Rajdhani Sooji 500 gm online at the lowest price without any hassle.





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